Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Wrath of the Stevie Nicks Fans

Today I quit Twitter for good.  I thought about quitting the blog and Facebook too.  Well, not Facebook.  All my friends are there, and we have friendly and fun conversations just about all of the time.  And that's wonderful, because right now, I just seem to need a lot of support.  Lots of laughter.  Lots of conversation about pop culture, music, daily life, whatever.  Human contact is good.  My life has been so unpredictable and different than ever before.  Sometimes I hardly see or speak to anyone for days. 

So, I think it's because of my life changes and upheaval that I have been a lot more sensitive than usual.  I know that my Miley-Cyrus-esque Twit-Quit was dramatic; I also know that the "old" me, the "real" me, whichever I might call her ... would not have done it that way.  At least, I don't think she would have.  I think she would have fought back and laughed it off and just not even worried about it.  But I did worry about it... well, I got all sensitive about it and allowed it to make me feel even worse about myself, which I did not believe was very much of a possibility at this point.

ALL THAT I FREAKING SAID on my stupid Twitter account was that I didn't think Stevie Nicks did a good performance on Sunday night's Grammy Awards show.  I didn't think it was fair that Taylor Swift was being ripped all over (in another attempt which I believe is all-too-common these days, wherein we as a culture, looove to build these young kids up and up into mega-celebrities and then just rip them to shreds for any mis-step) by critics and bloggers for a performance of a song that wasn't even hers.  The performance of "Rhiannon" sounded ... not bad exactly.  But it wasn't a wonderful vocal achievement.  But I heard a solid - if not extraordinary - voice out of Taylor, while Ms. Nicks was singing in the same voice I used to wake up with after smoking and drinking at the bars in those good old days.  I'm just saying.  No one has to agree with me, I couldn't care less one way or another.  Just wanted to put my two cents in, because, well, that's what you do on Twitter.  You talk about shit.  Stuff that's on your mind.  Your opinion. 

That was days ago.  Tonight I logged on briefly, mainly to see what my new headache doctor had posted recently (he had a strange flurry of strange Tweets recently, but I suppose that's a whole other post).  Well, @doclarry (not his exact real name) hadn't posted anything, but I noticed that I had been written to by strangers.  That really NEVER happens to me on Twitter.  It's very rare and usually only if I have asked one of them a direct question.  I have found that the Twitter-verse is more for hipsters and Hollywood people.  No one else really matters or makes waves I guess.  But my humble little opinion about Stevie Nicks voice made waves.  They told me that I was a "cunt," a "jealous bitch who looks like a half-dead Liza Minelli" in my Twitter profile picture, and also that I was just envious of Ms. Nicks' stellar career.  

Um... I am not jealous of Stevie Nicks.  I can already sing like that if I smoke a couple packs a day.  I'm not jealous of either of those singers, and in fact, I admire both of them and both of their careers.  That's all I'm even going to say about that.  Sheesh.  I still stand by my opinion of the performance.  Even the best of the best can EFF up sometimes.  Not sure how that makes ME a c-word.

I am freaking out about Monday, speaking of seeing people.  Ugh.  It's time for another headache doctor appointment.  For the past 6 blissful months, I have been free, mercifully free, of the doctor-anxiety that I have had for so long.  It's always something with many of these guys.  They're either arrogant pricks even if they do know their stuff, or they're well-meaning but don't know the world of headaches, or they are mistrustful jerks who treat everyone as a drug-seeker unless and until they have suffered without needed medication sufficiently to prove themselves otherwise.  It's a nightmare in general, but my most recent doctor has been such a God-send.  Well, I think I mentioned here that about a month ago, I was informed that he was just gone.  Gone, poof, "no longer practicing," they told me.  It has all been very hushed-up and peculiar.  So on Monday, another new doctor for me.  The only good thing about this time is that I won't be a complete stranger to him, as he is the head doc in the clinic and was over-seeing my former doctor (who was new to the practice).  He has been refilling medications for me during the past month, no questions asked, no bitching that he needs to see me first or that he doesn't agree with whatever treatment I'm currently on, etc, like I've had to deal with in the past.  He is the expert, after all, the head guy, like I said.  So maybe it will be a blessing that my treatment is now in his hands.  I am praying and hope you will too, if you are so inclined.

**On a completely un-related but BRIGHT note, I am already learning all the notes and music for my brand new guitar (I've never played before, but always wanted to!), and my fingers are getting sore and beginning to callous beautifully, he he!  I'm a happy rocker!


Barbara aka Layla said...

Wow, some people (the ones that commented on your Twitter) need to get a life! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. They must be die hard Stevie Nicks fans that go around looking for people to be mean and crude to. That doesn't shed a very nice light on Stevie if you ask me.

Good for you for learning guitar!!! That is AWESOME. I have one staying at my house, I should pick that thing up and re-teach myself to play!

Gladys said...

So hey there--finally made it over to your neck of the woods, and I have to say, I'm looking forward to reading all those Whole Other Posts (as in, "that's a whole other post"--I have squazillions of those too.)

Twitter seems kinda hellacious to me. First of all, anything populated by celebrities is automatically suspicious to me. Long story, but I just can't deal with it--why do I care what Hannah Montana ate for lunch? I have an account--don't remember if it's under Gladys or under my real name--but whichever, I haven't joined.

I was gonna write more here, but BadCat is yelling for what seems to be no reason and I think I'd better investigate. Take care--see you soon!

TerminallyUniq said...

Thanks for the support, ladies!! Twitter just turned out not to be for me. However, I can't let people bother me and get to me over such ridiculous things. C'mon. When I'm down or in a "funk," I get sensitive like that. I'm in a better place now, but don't regret leaving that dumb site.

Yeah, makes Stevie look bad, like it always does when someone's fans act a fool! I love Taylor Swift, even though she's a young'un, and I also love many Stevie Nicks songs, ESPECIALLY her solo stuff! That's why the whole debaucle is just dumb. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Wow, sorry some of my fellow fans came off as such complete pricks. I agree with you, I don't think Stevie sounds "amazing" during most live performances, any more. She actually shouldn't either. She's been a mostly untrained singer for about 40 years, some of those years being ravaged by substance abuse.
I don't think the sun rises and shines with her. Too bad a lot of her other fans can't deal with that.
I did think that other girl sounded horrible, though. I guess all her little fans can jump on me now.
Stacey E