Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rehab: The New Spa?

Wow!!  I'd say it has been a busy week for one and all of us!  It seems that whether you are a celebrity entering rehab for pretend issues / ailments or you are a humble writer coming up in the blogging world like me, ya had a helluva week!

SO.  Chynna Phillips.  What shall we say?  If you didn't hear, the former lead singer of girl pop trio Wilson-Phillips (and, I guess, current Christian musician ... I'm not familiar with her work) has checked into rehab to deal with "anxiety," per her rep.  MmmmHmmm.  ....  ...  PEOPLE!!!  WTF?  Why do celebrities persist in telling us they are rehabbing for things like "exhaustion" and "anxiety/depression" and recovery from physical ailments?  It's gross.  The reason I say so is that the whole sham makes a complete mockery of the real recovery process that so many regular folks embark upon courageously everyday.  It makes a mockery, too, of disorders such as real anxiety and depression. 

Drug treatment centers and other rehab facilities that serve those with eating disorders or any combination of addictive behaviors are serious businesses.  They don't open their (very expensive) doors to you so you can have a place to flop down and recuperate because you are exhausted or stressed.  That is called a hotel.  If you are recovering from an illness or even a particularly taxing time in your life, there is an over-abundance of spas and retreat centers like that to serve your needs.  Don't pretend that you're just tired and tell people you've gone to rehab to rest.  It's disgusting to me.  It's so difficult for everyday joes and janes to take that step and enter treatment, to continue living life while working a recovery program, to admit it, to deal with it, to own it.  Celebrities piss me off (if you couldn't yet tell) when they play these games.  They want us to know ALL about it when they are dating someone new or have a new cd/movie/reality show, etc., but when it comes to their real-life dilemmas, they feign perfection.  People look up to them, and it would really be amazing if they could show that they are real. 

I'm sincerely sorry that the Phillips have had the life they've had, and have to face ongoing pain and fallout from what their parents did.  I'm sorry for anyone who buckles under the pressure of their past, anyone who gets sucked into the terrible darkness of addiction, no matter what started it.  A great many of us have abuse or addiction or loss or incest or God-forbid more than one of these in our pasts.  I want to see a day when there's no shame in admitting that you are seeing a therapist or a doctor or taking medication or even checking yourself in someplace, to DEAL with it.   I guess for now, that's my word on that.


Gledwood said...

One reason I really do not wish to countenance entering a "posh" rehab is that people with a supposed "sex addiction" and more money than sense, get bundled in there with the heroin and crack addicts ~ and we're told to take this person just as seriously on pain of getting chucked out for "discrimination" ~~ !!!!!

Barbara aka Layla said...

Don't even get me started on the topic of rehabs...the people that need them most often can't afford them. My son is alive because of a rehab that was paid for by the county I live in (it was court ordered) its not fair that rich people can get help for anything anytime anywhere. I think there should be a rehab for celebrities that are addicted to having their name in the news.