Saturday, February 13, 2010

This is Me

If I promise only to write my own original thoughts and hilarious comedy for the next six months (or this weekend at least), will you please just humor me (no pun intended ... okay, pun intended) and check out the "conversation" below?  One of my top bloggers has a Label/Tag category called "Stuff I Wish I Thought of First."  If I had that one, I'd be placing it on this post, but that probably goes without saying!  Anyway, today's post is a prime example of what I love (and what I believe her hundreds - possibly thousands? - of fans love too) about her:  it is creative and beautiful in its simple humor and cleverness.  Hope you like it the way that I do!  Oh, and if you are at least a bit like me in that I love cats a lot, you will definitely like it.  ("Victor" is the husband, and "me" is the Bloggess)

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Victor: What the fuck are you are you doing? Aren’t you supposed to be working?

me: I’m learning about neuroscience.

Victor: You’re looking at pictures of kittens.


Victor: I’m going to block the internet on your computer when you go to sleep tonight.

Conclusion: Victor is intimidated by my knowledge of science. I’m like Yentl when she had to become a cross-dresser to learn the Torah, except that I have to go hide in the bathroom and pretend to have food poisoning so that I can look at pictures of cats on my iphone without getting hassled. This is exactly why it sucks to be a girl.

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