Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear John (Mayer)

I wrote this on Wednesday and put it into my "drafts" rather than posting it, because I thought I wanted to add something or check some facts or ... sheesh, I don't even recall!  Anyway, as an update before I post it now, I was just watching Joy Behar's show, and a lady I don't know who is a guest was on there discussing this whole matter.  I'm in total solidarity with any and all who feel John Mayer is making an ass of himself and has really said offensive things (as my post here will explain further); but this lady's little example was to say, "John Mayer didn't even add an 'A' at the end of the 'N' word when he used it, like Eminem would do."  Oh, ha ha ha.  If anyone can send me one example of one time when Eminem has ever used that word (with an 'a' or not), please, please send it to me.  I implore you.  Why bring him into this?  He isn't a racist who compares his tiny little penis to a white supremacist ...

Okay!  I am just fuming at this mother-##er.  No, not the one below; the one named in this blog's title.  I have a lot that I want to say about John Mayer, based upon my recent reading of Rolling Stone's article about him and excerpts I've read from an upcoming Playboy interview with him.  But now is one of those times where I am too too.  I am just too too.  I mean, I say that I'm fuming, and I am... oh, I certainly am over things he has said and apparently truly believes.  But I'm also just sort of bewildered and horrified.  

The most egregious of Mayer's errors is the one that Shane Powers discusses pretty succinctly in his vlog below.  The only part of it that I do not agree with is when he says that Mayer is "not racist" but only "stupid".  Anyway, I will say more on what I think -- including the other offensive issue (and equally offensive in some ways, if you are a woman, or a human being with a scintilla of respect for those with whom you have shared intimacy), which is his comments on past girlfriend Jessica Simpson.  Another time. 

For now, I leave you with Shane.  You might want to check out his blog.  You might not.  Sometimes I think he's funny and cool, and sometimes I wish he'd shut the eff up. 


Barbara aka Layla said...

I AM TOTALLY APPALLED AND AM GOING TO DELETE ALL MY JOHN MAYER MUSIC OFF MY IPOD!!! WTF? I think what he said about his penis was one of the most horrifyingly racist, sexist, shameful things have ever heard! I'm glad you wrote about it.

TerminallyUniq said...

Why thanks for saying so and for sharing your reaction, Barbara!!! I have to say that I am so disappointed when musicians, well, disappoint me like this. What I mean is, I ADORE the album "Inside Wants Out" by Mayer. The first one, all acoustic, lyrical and imho beautiful in its earnest simplicity. And then slowly but surely, ever since then, he has become - in his music AND life outside of music - more and more and MORE disgusting. Time for him to go away.