Saturday, January 02, 2010


Difficult to know how to begin, or where, when blogging about the new year, the new decade that we celebrated last night. I decided to have a rare quiet night "in" with just my beloved cat (with whom spending time is an enjoyable activity in itself) and my guy. I have to admit that I wasn't sure at first whether I would regret this decision; and I did wish that I could somehow combine my plans with plans to go celebrate with my mom and aunt, as they do at chez-my-aunt each year. But it was cold and plans were last-minute, and it just didn't work out. Next year, methinks!!

Anyway, I wasn't convinced my plans would pan out to be the best decision, but after Christmas - which was fun but inarguably exhausting - and the additional stresses of my illness this fall ... I needed this low-key evening. I wondered whether I would later wish we had done something more "festive," but no! It turned out to be a blast and just what the doctor ordered, as they say :) We played literally hours of Wii Sports Resort in the early part of the evening, before the shows about the new year, and about the "old" year in review, began. I love to watch those and in fact intend on watching them all weekend while they're on! I love the reviews of celebrity scandals, but hate those of political scandals; I guess because celebrities are really inconsequential in the grand scheme of life ... but politicians are actually important and are supposed to be doing important work and being responsible while they are out participating in their scandalous behavior, whatever it may have been. ... Anyway, I also love the music and video reviews, the best of different genres, etc. In fact, I am currently trying to add to my own collection of music (it is especially fun because of the new and amazing mp3 player I was gifted for Christmas!), so I am curious and attentive when someone talks about what music has been important or even just popular, "buzz-worthy" over the past decade. And if my readers have suggestions, please do suggest!!

That was my night, so perfect in it's good, pure fun and beautiful simplicity. As I have mentioned in the recent past, this year has been dubbed (by me, naturally) my Christmas (and when that was over, my New Year's) Miracle. And I did not allow anything to stand in the way of it living up to its name. I have spoken a bit in the past about the trials and tribulations (although perhaps that is a played-out saying, it really does apply) that led up to this holiday season for me, and the coining of my "miracle" title for it, I'm really sort of going to treat this year's blogging as a whole new thing. New readers have come on board only recently, and with any luck (and talent!), more will follow. As you'll notice, a new layout has been created (tweaking is most likely still to come), and I plan to change the tone of my writing a bit. I've spent a great deal of the last month reading my favorite blogs and paying attention to what makes them so beloved by myself and others (quite a few of my favorites are quite popular). More on my observations later ...

I will be updating my "Favorite Things" list ... actually, maybe tonight, but if not, in the next day or two. The new list will reflect those blogs and bloggers who I feel really have "the knack" for it. I began blogging and reading others' work and communicating with the other writers years ago when I was going through a terrible time. My life - as theirs - really required writing as therapy, and I found a supportive, non-judgmental community among the other writers. Most of us have now lost touch, but what got me reading all of these again in the past few weeks was the fact that I did re-gain communication (or at least, blog links) with a few of my old "friends." It brought back memories and a kick in the ass as far as writing quality and subject matter goes. So stay tuned for new and improved and different "stuff"! I hope you'll like it and that, if you do, you'll pass it on to your friends.

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Big Al said...

Often low-key celebrations are just about right. Sounds like you had a wonderful holiday season and are becoming more in touch with who you are. Bravo! Regarding music: you just have to keep digging, listening, reading to all sources. There are sites that make recommendations based on what you've downloaded. It's my hobby and I have quite an eclectic collection.

Love the revised site. Keep on writing!!