Thursday, March 19, 2009

Thursday Mishmash

RIDICULOUS: Goddammit, AIG (you too, Fannie Mae ... I see you!)... We are all tryin' to be in this together. Except for the almighty fucking rich people. The bitches. Why are you all tryin' to be like that?

Here's who's a real asshole: CEO Liddy (how do you get another job when you drive sad-ass SEARS into the ground???), who brings a letter from a lunatic to read as an example of what's going to happen if the names of the bonus - takers are ever released to the public. Is he serious? No one is going to strangle the little rich white children with piano wire, you idiot. Does everyone know what I'm speaking of? Ask in the Comments if you don't, and I'll explain further.

Secondly, I was half asleep in bed with the early - morning news on yesterday when I heard Senator Dodd (whose home state is, well, home to many of the bonus-takers) "explaining" that he didn't know WHEN the language of his bill got changed to allow for this mess. He was babbling and stumbling around trying to say that somewhere between the House and the Senate, the Dems and Republicans, somewhere between his hand and his dick, the language got changed in hideous ways of which he would never approve! I thought to myself, now that just doesn't sound right. I can't imagine a senator losing control of his bill that way, but what do I know, right?

Well, it comes out today that he was LYING, although Senator Dodd is quick to mention that HE does not FEEL that his comments today (the TRUTH, which is that he himself changed the language, oopsy-daisy) are in conflict with his comments yesterday (the LIE). Yes, I realize that it's MY life and job which are completely pathetic if I don't get paid thousands to live and behave this way everyday and be considered a completely acceptable citizen.

UNACCEPTABLE: Why are we doing business with China? Does no one remember the baby formula? Does no one remember the pet food? Does ANYone remember, like, last week, when their pathetic Navy tried to get into a chest-bumping contest of sorts with an unarmed survey ship of ours off of their coast???????

Well, in case no one does, there are reports aplenty today regarding dry wall imported FROM CHINA and used to build homes in Florida (and, I would think, other states???) that is making people -- what else? -- SICK. People living in the homes are complaining of everything from nose bleeds to asthma, and that's just right now, not even two years into living there for some.

What is it going to take for us to put a boot in this country's ass? You know, we don't need to go to war. That's not how to get things done in my opinion, and it's certainly not something the USA needs right now. Plus, it's not anything that the USA needs to do to prove itself. But what about boycotts? What about economic and social shutout? What about only dealing with righteous and upstanding countries and entering into contracts that serve the best interests of each? That's just smart businesss. Wake up, AMERICA. Stop buying SHIT from China. Stop dealing with CHINA unless and until that country wants to play a fair and balanced and quality game.

SPEAKING OF THINGS THAT AREN'T QUITE RIGHT: What's going on in Florida? There's a child there named Haleigh that is missing from a small town there, not far from the now-infamous Caylee Anthony situation. I'm concerned about what I'm seeing and hearing out of her parents and step-mother. On some of the recent programs on radio and TV, they keep playing the original 911 tape of the father reporting his missing daughter in the middle of the night. He had been called home from work on the night shift (as I understand the details...) and had called to make police aware of course of what appeared to be a kidnapping. I don't have the link yet, but I'll get it. Anyway, the father, Ronald Cummings, tells the 911 operator, as she is trying to keep him calm and give him crucial instructions, that "if I find the person that took my daughter before y'all get here," he's going to kill him himself. He's goes on to threaten that he doesn't mind spending life in prison for this act, as long as he can get his mitts on whoever has his daughter immediately.

Obviously, I don't know the family, and I will be first to tell you with the utmost in gratitude that I have never had a missing child. However, I've seen and followed many of these cases and witnessed some things as the partner of a sheriff's deputy and the daughter of a 911 operator. Does anyone else think the father's immediate reaction is quite strange?? My own immediate reaction to HIS is that it makes me feel he knows something or suspects something about who took his child or at least why. I don't know why exactly I think that when I hear this tape, but I do. It's the same hair-standing-up-on-my-neck feeling of something being wrong that I felt when that Dodd asshole was lying to all of us on TV yesterday.

Now I don't mean to victimize a victim in the father of this child. I, like many people including the police, just want to know the facts so that the objective of finding this child and seeing her returned safely (unlike what happened in the Caylee case) can be reached. But I don't like it. I feel like a parent might be scared, might feel helpless and yes, angry about that helplessness and fear ... But to start making specific threats about a specific perceived act done by a person ? I don't like it. It smells to me.

And that's the rant for the day.


Zen Wizard said...

If you can read a government official's emails under the Freedom of Information Act, and the government in effect partially "nationalizes" AIG to the tune of $100-billion--twice the annual budget of HUD--I would think you can make the argument that whoever got the dough is public information in a free society.

There are so many loose cannons out there throwing money around--all well and good if there are some checks and balances on it, and it's going to save Western Civilization as we know it. But like Bernanke saying it would be counterproductive to list the banks that got federal cash--BS! It's our money we should get to know who got it.

TOM said...

I'm still waiting for my bailout damn it!!

Big Al said...

We're totally fucked. Read Matt Tabibi's article in Rolling Stone about how Wall Street has scammed us all to the poor house.