Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Personal Post...

Well, I haven't posted in awhile, due to being bogged down with unexpected personal issues. This isn't really a personal, whining-about-my-life-type blog, but you can still plan on seeing some updates from its author from time to time :)

I had two deaths this week that occurred somewhat close to me. One was a close friend at work, a supervisor. It brought it home to me how very much you can know about someone (especially in workplace relationships) in one realm of life but how very little about the rest of his life. My friend Lloyd, who passed away suddenly, apparently in his sleep but we don't know why or how, was all sunshine and light. He was that guy at your job, if you're lucky to have such a guy, who always has a smile and a joke and a positive spin for any situation. You know the man has his share of personal troubles and history, but he never brings that shit to work. He's just kind and happy and always a gentleman. Lloyd was great at diffusing situations that were escalating, both with employees and managers, as well as customers and service issues. Like I said, he was sunshine, just like that.

My dad says the good die young, and the rest just hang around.

Then my great aunt Lois died. I didn't know her well; in fact, I might have met her once, if that. However, she wrote me letters and was my beloved late grandmother's sister (if you followed all that!). When I was very sick in the hospital a couple of years ago, and I had lost my job and was filing bankruptcy (yeah, a bad time indeed!!), she kept writing me letters and praying for me in her prayer group. I am grateful for her love and faith, so send up a prayer for her please, if you are faithful or spiritual at all. I'm always glad to do the same for your loved ones if you ask!

Well, in death we are in life, as the saying goes. My cousin is having a baby as we speak, and that is exciting. I don't have any info yet, but maybe soon.

In regard to my last post, that was a photo of a Teamsters Rat. Around here, they bring an inflatable or large plastic rat and place it at businesses or construction sites to protest the use of non-union workers. It's the strangest sight! I didn't know what it was until after I had taken the picture. All I knew was that I had never seen a giant rat like that on the back of a pick-up truck! So I was wondering whether the Teamsters do this where YOU live?????

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Tom said...

Sorry for your loss of your co-worker and your aunt. Best wishes for your cousin, maybe, as you say, the birth is a signal of things getting better. (-: