Saturday, March 14, 2009

Movie Discusion: JESUS CAMP

...I watched this movie today, because, as always, I was interested in this documentary covering the lives of the hardest of the hardcore conservative Evangelical Christians in our American midst. And, as this movie points out, this group is by far not a fringe community. I grew up with, worked with and employed in my lifetime kids from this community. The fact that the documentary was so well-done is what in my opinion made the topic and the information so accessible.

A few thoughts ...

1. Ted Haggard is a fake and an arrogant dick (and yes, that is my moral judment, technically).

2. Cannot stand the way the church attacks abortion with the pastors carrying little pocket wallets full of rubber images of fetus representations; yet say NOTHING about how to fix the problem, where to fix the problem, why this IS a problem (besides, the DEVIL).

3. Loved the little kid named Levi who preaches to other children and DO believe that he's been touched by God for some purpose. Might not be the one and the way his parents and church have in mind.

4. I thought it was so sad the way that the little girl who was about 10 had no other professional aspirations than to be "one of those people who does the [finger]nails," so that she could talk to them in that relaxing setting about Jesus.

5. Although I disagree with her intensely, I really admire the children's pastor (Becky) because of her passsion (it's beyond Passion!) and the fact and way she turns that drive into real action. I'm sad and sorry that it's the action she chooses, but I love people who do what their heart says, every minute, every day, to the fullest.

6. Finally, I love the DJ. Didn't learn much about him, but I didn't know there were others out there with moderate and liberal views just like mine. What he was saying on his radio show and speaking about with his listeners was as though it came right out of my brain. In case you were wondering how I think.... :)

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TOM said...

I love documentaries, I am going to have to watch this one if only to find out what I am up against...seeing as I am a bit of a devil