Monday, August 09, 2010

My Mum

Okay!  I tried to write about my mum a few times, and each time I got too caught up in so many different topics!!!  Methinks that maybe I should write a whole book about her!  Or at least I better start penning my memoirs, AND hers as well!  Hmm ... maybe we could get together and write a book about ... whatever it was ... like Britney Spears and HER moms did!  Yeah!

What I really wanted to convey was the simple-yet-complex fact that I am just so blessed to have my mom.  And that today, as every time she is able to go with me, I was ever-so-grateful to have her along at the doctor's office.  I always know, whether we discuss it explicitly beforehand or not, that she has my back.  And we are so close that we can really read one another and know pretty well what is needed.  I know that in a conversation with a doctor-type, where I am leading the talk as the patient and Mom is mostly listening / observing, she is nevertheless alert and aware of all that's going on every second.  She will jump in and argue, plead, state a convincing point, or otherwise have me covered if need be.  I don't worry about it.  And I KNOW that if God forbid I were ever in some sort of "state" where I couldn't speak for myself and make my own demands, she would "come out of the box" as she puts it and tell somebody what's what.  

My mom has been instrumental in making me every single thing I am today of which I am proud!  She brought me up to be intelligent and curious and sensitive and compassionate and non-judgmental of others ... She instilled in me that the differences between all human beings, be it our skin color or the way that our minds and bodies work or the language we speak or the thing we do especially well -- that it's THOSE things which make the world beautiful and wonderful and divine and blooming with all sorts of music and ideas and art and science and books and jokes and personality!  I love that my mom instilled in me the value of diversity in ALL of its forms.

My mom has a lot of other hard-core beliefs that she really and truly lives by; so that I can only hope to follow in her footsteps and do the same, really living authentically in the beliefs that I espouse.  But she is also funny and warm and sociable and just always up for doing something FUN!!!  My momma taught me that it's of the UTMOST importance to find the joy in life, in EVERY part of life.  And what I've really learned to remember is that sometimes you need to go searching for that joy and holding onto it during those times when it seems hardest to locate or when the joys seem to be at their simplest ... when times are tough, you know.  I have learned from my mom to laugh in those times, to find what is funny and ironic and joyful and amazing.  

There are so many things my mom teaches me all the time, so many things that I have learned and have to keep re-learning because I believe they are essential to leading a good life.  A Good Life.  Some of my absolute happiest, most joyful moments are spent with my mom!  We always find some silly thing to talk about or laugh about or get into a conversation around.  And that's on the days when we are cooped up in the car or the doc's office!  When we are out on the town, forget about it!!!  

I love you, Mum!


Barbara said...

I loved reading this...thanks for sharing your mom with us. She sounds like an amazing woman and it shows in you.

alonewithcats said...

I agree with Barbara. It sounds as if your mom passed along her awesomeness to you.