Sunday, August 15, 2010


Sheesh.  As if I weren't already grouchy, cranky, or whatever you want to call it.  Now I'm reading this book, and I just have to mention it.  It's called "Fierce," and it's a memoir by Barbara Robinette Moss.  I guess it's a sequel of sorts to an earlier memoir she wrote that focused more on her childhood; that one was called "Make Me Into Zeus' Daughter."  I didn't read that one, because this one appealed to me more with its focus being on her trying to make her way through adulthood.  She, like me, and like many of my readers, is an ACOA, an Adult Child of Alcoholic(s).  That shitty label can make itself known in many hideous ways, but we all have quite a few things in common; so I like to read memoirs like this.  Usually.

But damn, woman!  That's what I keep saying as I go through the book.  First of all, I got about 10 books in the last month, between loaners from friends, a couple e-book purchases, and the library.  And out of the EIGHT I've already peered into, this was one of only TWO that even seemed decent.  It was a real strike-out of a book haul this time.  I will try to read a little more of my other books, but they don't look too promising so far.  

Anyway, the whole time I'm reading this book, I just can't stop shaking my head.  I'm bewildered.  I mean, okay, I don't know Ms. Moss' exact age; I suppose I could cipher it if I took the time, but I haven't.  She must be the age of MY parents, roughly; her own father, the drunk in this scenario, was a WW2 vet.  And I know that the times were different when she was growing up, but man, was she naive, even into adulthood, even halfway through this book when she's been divorced twice, lived in 3 states, and had a child!  And she just keeps making all of these crap decisions that make me think, Damn, there's a difference between being effed up from an ACOA upbringing and just lacking common sense completely.  Wow.

I was drawn to the book, because the e-book store kept suggesting it to me, supposedly because it matched up to my other purchased books.  I made note of that, but then I also saw it reviewed on Amazon recently.  Oh, there were all these positive reviews about the author's candor and overcoming this and that!  It sounded like it would be right up my alley!  So I'm going to read it through.  I'll give her this:  she writes in such a way as to keep me turning the pages, if not feeling sympathetic toward or relating to her.  I'll let you all know what I think when I'm finished.

So I might as well mention the other book that I read, last week.  It's been on my ever-expanding book list forever, friends have been urging me to read it and saying how much they thought I would like it, on and on.  I guess I wasn't clear on the plot or whatever ... it's summary sure doesn't do it justice.  It's "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett.  Well!  I could not believe I had waited so long, with this book just OUT THERE, waiting for me to pick it on up!  I simply adored it!  I had to think it over, reflect, absorb, all of these things that I do with a beloved book ... and yes, now that I've done that, I can honestly tell you it is one of my Top 15 favorite books of all time.  It might be Top 10; I have to sit down and think about my current list.  I mean, this is including my favorite so-called "great" literature, my favorite childhood classics, poetry, whatever, all in one collection ... and this book would make the top 10-15.  It is wonderful.  I loved it.  

So there you are!  As you know, I don't do any sort of regular book or movie reviews, but hey, if I like or love or hate or am confused by something, I like to discuss.  And this weekend I've had one movie and two books ... and it ain't over yet!


Girlbert said...

Hey! Long time, no comment! Looking around, I see that you've dramatically dressed up your blog. Nice! ;)

Thanks for your comment on my Reggie post, it got me thinking about the healing power of animals and animal communication in general. As if I weren't already up to my eyeballs with interest in that subject anyway...

But you're writing about books, and I just so happen to have a few to suggest: On the subject of animal communication:

Anything by Temple Grandin - I just finished "Animals in Translation" - fascinating! In an extreme nutshell, Ms. Grandin is a high-functioning autistic, which gives her a unique insight into animal language. She theorizes that autistics and animals think similarly. There's also a movie about her life, "Temple Grandin" I'm waiting for it to become available on Netflix!

Also on the animal relationship recommended list: "Wesley the Owl", by Stacy O'Brien, is a fascinating and heartwarming read.

And on the vein of alcoholism: "Dry", by Augusten Burroughs. Gave me the insight I needed, when I needed it the most...

Thanks for getting me all revved up today! I needed it!


Tatyanna (and Dorian too) said...

Note to all my other readers: I wrote Girlbert a personal response, but I wanted to tell everyone that 1) DRY by Augusten Burroughs IS one of the best addiction memoirs out there; and Burroughs himself is a genuine talent with heart and authenticity, someone who's not afraid or ashamed to "go there." ...2) HBO was showing the Temple Grandin story for quite awhile (maybe still?), both a documentary and the drama starring Claire Danes... both were fantastic...
...Just in case anyone wants to check 'em out!!! As for the others, you can trust Girlbert! I'm gonna read her suggestions for sure :)