Wednesday, July 07, 2010


UPDATE @4:55 p.m. CST.... It's a frackin' nightmare!  OHHH the humanity!  I can't tinker with it anymore tonight ... at least not until I have had a) MINIMUM one more cup of coffee AND b)ice cream in some form, preferably shake form.  Bear with me please!  xo

UPDATE @3:10 p.m. CST ... I grabbed a new template, took the one named "Awesome, Inc." (fitting, yeah baby!), and made sure the colors worked (i.e. didn't blind anyone and weren't invisible) ... I THINK we have a winner!  I fiddled with the width of different parts just to make sure.  The right margins, which hold my beloved "gadgets" will be dealt with next, as they now have the sickness.  STILL don't understand why Blogger would publish this mess, with words bleedin' out past the SET margins, but what do I know?  If this works, I'll keep it until I learn a little more!  I want to WRITE, not do graphic design dammit!  :*)

Yes, I see that the blog is bleeeeeeding
into the right column... a mystery, as the body
column has "set" borders and width ... I am
trying to get Blogger expert help with
this... but if any other users have any ideas,
by all means, chime in!!!


Gledwood said...

All I can say is, of my two main blogs, Gledwood Vol 2, the English one uses an old template with seemingly no limits on how wide the page can become, which does look stupid on a super hi def screen, as my text gets lost with tiny pictures scattered far to the sides. My new German blog at uses a new template with fixed width of something like 1000 pixels. But it looks like you're already using something like this...
... sorry I wish I could help in a more technical way.
All the best


Tatyanna (and Dorian too) said...

@Gleds-- THANK YOU so much for responding!!! Let me get this straight ... are you saying that a simpler template might help? Because I sure wouldn't mind that at all! I'm not so into the fancy-ass frills! But also, it seems you are saying that it also depends on one's computer/monitor quality... re whether they are seeing this gobbledy-gook or not? OY.

Barbara said...

Hey Girl, Did you decide on a new template yet? I think you would love playing around with all the new features have to offer. If you want I can walk you through it. Let me know! I want to see you have a template that says YOU! ;)