Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Thousand Words

...No, for once, it actually isn't that many words from me!  Pictures instead :)
This first one is when I was in my beloved Kauai, tubing the sugar cane irrigation ditch!  I didn't write much about that yet, did I?  Well, it was my favorite day and my favorite adventure by far!  I'm the one with bad posture (I was squished into my tube!) at the right, lingering last in line because I didn't want to get out!

Docked in Honolulu!  The Hawaiian sky, both in photos and in real life, looks almost fake, it's so unbelievably blue and vibrant! 

There were a thousand beautiful photos to be taken in Hilo's amazing Botanical Gardens & Rain Forest!  This waterfall was really gorgeous.

I learned SO much about the ship and how all this stuff operates at sea ... The sailing life, per se.  This boat boarded our "local pilot," which was something I previously didn't know about.  I loved watching the local sailor, who was taken aboard at each port to help navigate the local waters, come on and off the ship.  

Looking out from the shore in Hilo (botanical gardens); these are the "Twin Rocks," which have a legend attached to them about two lovers who sacrificed themselves to protect their community from seafaring intruders.  My mom adds that "they should put a pink bow on the one that's the girl."  :)

Honolulu as the sun began to set.  

Here is the place of infamy, at least for my dad and me.  It's the area where the man in front of us decided to climb over that fence and sign which told us NOT TO do just that.  Then he proceeded to slip, fall, and half-roll down the hill (the picture does not show how much of an incline it really was) ... after grabbing a rock to save himself, his hands slipped off of that mossy rock, and he rolled even further down the hill before finally being helped to his feet and dragged out by his wife and my dad.  "I'm okay," he said, waving my dad away, but then he ran straight to the resting bench across the path.  There's a reason for fences and warning signs, people!

...Lots more where this came from, so I'll share more soon!  And by the way, if anyone using Blogger knows how to make it so that there aren't such huge spaces in between (I only hit "enter" one time between each, like you would do for a normal line!), please share with me!

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