Monday, May 25, 2009


Whoo. It was damn hard getting back to work today, I must say. I worked my normal 8-hour day, beginning around 9:30 this morning, and it just dragged on and on!! I expected a lot of the usual suspects to be out, i.e. the types of shoppers who come in and want to swindle, trick, lie, cheat, steal and perform other tomfoolery to get money out of us (out ME, because I take it all personally and, well, it does eventually trickle right OUT of my paycheck when they TAKE). I'm not up for a rambunctious debate today; otherwise, I would describe who these people typically are: Oh yes, believe it or not, there are certain genders, generations, and yes, nationalities / cultures that tend to try the rip-off schemes more than others. In general. But I'll go into that another time. I was blessed that I didn't have to have those types of confrontations today...none at all really.

There were a few hours in the afternoon when I really thought I wouldn't make it. You know, the past four days when I was first very sick and then recuperating at home, I really tried to get out and do things. I took a long walk / hike in the sunshine one day, I played a few moderately challenging games on my wii fit another, but other than those things I did watch movies and study a lot. Sedentary. I finished the first half of my Paralegal course, however!!! This was a major feat, as it has been weighing on my mind for ages and has been very grueling at times, given the health issues and the chaos they bring in combination with just trying to do everyday life and work.

Tonight I'm going to try to sleep early and haven't been doing much except reading a few blogs and books at home and playing with my cat. He needs exercise, the big guy, so I try my damnedest to get him some activity no matter HOW bad I feel. We chased the top to a water bottle all around the apartment for awhile, because he was very excited about that today. Then we played chase-the-laser-beam, which is a cat favorite. I hope it was helpful for him. I remember when I got him at the shelter, and they were having me fill out all the paperwork to take him home. I'm not sure whether they do this everywhere, but at our city shelter, they had me fill out a "commitment form," which basically stated that I would care for my guy in terms of food, water, love, veterninary care and whatever else in the world he needs, for the rest of the time I own him. It was serious!! It mentioned that I understood that caring for my pet could get expensive in terms of money and also time or sacrifice but that I was signing my recognition and acceptance of these things. Now, they can't very well enforce what I signed, but I took it to heart and have never forgotten. I'm all he has. If I don't wake up and go to sleep thinking about his well-being, his health, his food, his toys, his happiness, there isn't any other creature on Earth who will. That means a lot to me.

Anyway, he's happy and content it seems right now, purring while he observes our world from the top of my desk, amongst my law books. The other day, he was lying asleep when I got home right in the middle of all of them! It was cute; I hoped he was absorbing some information by cat osmosis in order to give me pointers for my tests :) Here is a picture (okay yes, maybe there is one VOGUE magazine amongst my study materials, lol).

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TOM said...

I wish I was your cat !!!