Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lighter and Fluffier!

WOW!! Thanks to all who responded to my complete confusion regarding the "Queen of Canada." If you haven't checked out the Comments section to my prior post, here is what I've been told by my British friends (and a few informed Americans!). Apparently, the Queen of England considers herself (is considered? by whom?) Queen of all states that are part of the British commonwealth. Sorry, I didn't even know Canada would fall under that umbrella. My friend, Gleds (, tells me that this encompasses about 17+ countries, many in Africa even. So that is why there is a Governor General (who would be second-in-line to the Queen, as I understand it) in Canada and, I imagine, other countries as well. REALLY?! In this day and age, these "independent" and sometimes "democratic" societies put up with this shit? Wow. I guess I just don't "get" the royal thing. Call me an ugly American. No, don't really, or I'll come over there in my brightly colored flower-print leggings and T-shirt, laughing loudly and pummel you (a few of the images and characteristics asribed to us, yeah?).

So, I wanted to talk FASHION today, which is part of the reason I deemed this post lighter and fluffier. Ladies (and gents, if you wish to weigh in), how do we feel about the jumper / romper / onesie trend this season?? I've been seeing these everywhere (see the photos), and I always find myself wanting to go get one ... although try finding something like this at your local J C Penney, ha! Yes, I am just a hop, skip and jump from the trendy Michigan Avenue boutiques in Chicago, but no, sadly, I do not usually have the income to spare for their wares.

Anyway, I've noticed that while I usually want to run out and find one of these comfry outfit-all-in-one pieces when I see it on, say, Blake Lively ... I then catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror before leaving for the shops and think again. Not sure how this would look on me, a 33-year-old non-model. Hmmm. I'm not overweight, and I'm considered by some to be good looking enough, but still. I'm not Blake Lively or Kate Moss. Thoughts?

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