Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Still Here...

...and I'm NOT Joaquin Phoenix :)  Hey, I saw that movie recently though; has anyone else?  Does anyone even know what the hell I'm talking about?  I'd like to hear your opinion(s) if you've seen it.  I'll share mine as well.

I'm assuming that there are still people out there (perhaps cats? brought in by my Dorian's much more exciting and interesting blog?) reading this... yes, I've been away for an inexcusable amount of time.  But I've been in such an ugly mood, and I just couldn't for the life of me (quite literally, I felt on most days) come up with anything to write about that wouldn't drag you all right down in it with me... right down in IT, that is to say.

But fuck it, ya know?  After so much wallowing, I got busy decorating my new mansion (bigger than the last one, two-bedroom apartment, which I truly love, and which-- hallelujah!!-- is filled with sunshine, or at least in the wintertime here, some outside light shining in).  The past two days I've spent actually getting to use the Christmas decorations which have been stored away for years, ever since I had my first place.  When I lost that (long story, I'll share it next time), I had nowhere to use my little sparkly trees and lights and mangers ... but now, well, it's ON!  And yes, I am quite enjoying this decorating.  Nope, I'm most certainly NOT a holiday-loving-Martha-Stewart-crafty-nutjob like "that."  But there's a whole story/philosophy behind this too.

SO, I sat down to write tonight/this morning to let all y'all know that I live!  And that I plan to start writing regularly again.  And while many say that, I actually DO it, because I am a writer.  Even if no one reads it, even if it sucks or whatever.  I wish to keep this blog chugging along, so I'm back at it after my unplanned hiatus.  So if you're interested in hearing the aforementioned tales of woe, and other sordid miscellanea, then by all means, stop on by in the next day or two!


LL Cool Joe said...

Good to see you back! Glad you are feeling slightly less down too.:)

Gledwood said...

Why are you talking about Martha Stewart? All I know about her is she's an all cookin' jailbird!!

What did she do wrong? Chuck custard all over the sound man??

Yes you should write more. C'mon. Waiting ;->

I've not touched heroin in more than 10 days. Nearly 2 weeks. Because I'm doing a day at a time I'm not counting days (never got that one).

I also went crazy. It's all in my blog. Just look backwards over the last 14 days and the Entertainment is there!!

Thanks for staying in touch throughout my Long Haze... akh, what was I DOING??!?