Monday, November 23, 2009

If I Knew Then What I Know Now ...

... I would:
1. Get my ass immediately into Law School following my 1999 graduation from college.
2. Finish at the top of my class around 2002.
3. Move to Florida and take the Florida Bar.
4. Practice for a year or two as a Prosecutor before moving into the typically-more-lucrative
field of Criminal Defense.
5. Work hard to make a name for myself defending the accused in Florida.
6. Hear about this horrific story of a psycho-/socio- path mother who murdered her daughter.
7. Hear about this bullshit story of said murderer's attorneys and their plot to implicate the
good samaritan who found the baby's remains.
8. Be available to said good samaritan to take on his case pro-bono.
9. Wipe the courthouse floor with the collective ass of Casey
Anthony's defense team.

Remember: "Everybody hates [defense attorneys] until they need one of us." -- Mickey Sherman, criminal defense atty., Conneticut


Big Al said...

I haven't followed this story much, but these 9 points really sum up the proceedings. I used to watch Boston Legal and the defense attorneys always had a Plan B, put the guilt on someone else. In this real case, the good samaritan!! Ouch.

TerminallyUniq said...

well that's the way i see it. almost all defense attorneys have a certain type of case they just won't take for whatever personal reason; i wouldn't take mizz anthony if her life depended on it. oh, and it does.